This intense light therapy treatment is exactly what Hollywood A-Listers do to get red carpet ready! The only FDA approved medical device combined with NASA technology (seriously!) will increase collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation and destroy acne bacteria. The results are a lifted, firmer and more youthful complexion. 100% of users saw an improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles. This amazing treatment includes a cleanse, microdermabrasion, LED light treatment, collagen mask and a vitamin infused oxygen spray.

65 minutes | $185


This treatment begins with a deep cleansing to lift away dirt and impurities. Using micro-current technology, skin will be lifted to new heights while stimulating muscle memory and toning lax muscles. The treatment ends with a tightening oxygen mask that leaves the skin radiant and glowing! Over the course of several treatments, lines will become less visible and muscles lifted revealing an overall rejuvenated complexion.

35 minutes | $120


Anti-aging packed with a punch! Meta Therapy is the latest in natural skin improvement in which the skin is punctured with stem cells, antioxidants & powerful botanicals at the Basel-cell layer where collagen & elastin are produced. The results are undeniable.  Dermatude is ideal for someone who is looking to reverse the signs of aging, scaring & dehydrated skin. 

50 minutes | $250


We pull out every trick to banish breakouts, relax fine lines and lighten lingering spots. Treatment includes cleanse, microdermabrasion, extensive extractions, and a bacteria baying vitamin infused oxygen wrap. Facial is finished off with a skin soothing blast of oxygen to purify every problematic pore.

75 minutes | $165


Back is deeply cleansed, extracted and masked to eliminate pesky breakouts. Microdermabrasion is included to ensure maximum exfoliation. A bacteria fighting oxygen mask and cooling spray hydrates and clarifies problem prone skin. Perfect for the summer months.

45 minutes | $150


Yes! We can help your teenager with those embarrassing breakouts.  Our Teen Clean Facial is fab for drab skin! Skin is cleansed, analyzed, scrubbed, and extracted to perfection. A skin softening oxygen wrap is applied pre and post extraction to reduce the risk of post-facial-imperfections. (Parents must be present to sign consent form. This treatment is for clients under 18 years of age)

40 minutes | $99



An incredible Trio for Anti-Aging.  Starting with Gua Sha facial massage, followed by professional Micro Current and finally an Organic Lime and Cinnamon Tightening Mask.  This treatment focuses on your specific personal concerns  to complete a total facial circulatory awakening.

70 minutes | $200


This deep cleansing and hydrating facial comes packed with multiple forms of oxygen, a chilled cucumber eye press to de-stress tired eyes, a gentle fruit acid polish as well as major chest and shoulder massage (lucky you). All of this followed by extractions and an infusion of our heavenly vitamin mist that will leave your skin happily hydrated and singing hallelujah. 

60 minutes | $120


Not sure what your skin needs? Our completely custom facial is tailored for your unique skin type and condition. It is the perfect blend of results and relaxation.

50-75 minutes | $120 and up


By far the most effective way to even skin tone, blast blackheads, stimulate collagen and cell renewal. A full microderm facial is performed; Includes neck. A skin calming mask is applied, immediately followed by a soothing oxygen Spray.

40 minutes | $150


This age-defying treatment utilizes micro current technology and microdermabrasion to instantly lift, tone, and contour the face while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment also includes a collagen tightening mask, oxygen blast and LED Light Therapy. Often referred to as "The Works", this facial treatment is the ultimate in anti-aging, hydration, and visible results.

90 min | $260


A man inspired masterpiece! Perfect for the overworked-sports-loving-gentleman. Hot barber towels soften tough skin; fruit acids resurface and eliminate annoying ingrown hairs, followed by all the proper extractions. A bevy of oxygen is blown onto skins surface revealing a manmade marvel!

60 minutes | $120


This peel is formulated to preserve, promote and protect healthy skin with ingredients that work to break down surface buildup. Patients will experience minimal downtime yet still have outstanding results. This amazing treatment also includes a post-procedure kit.

30 minutes | $165